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 Tutorial Console + Colors Name(english)

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PostSubject: Tutorial Console + Colors Name(english)   Sun 27 Apr - 0:53

If you don't know how to make a color name, look here!

1. Go to www.elitefx.com/sof/

2. Put the clan name and nickname into the white bars on the right.

3. Then choose which color you want the letters.

4. Then click on the button: make my custom color name.

5. Click on: download.

6. Save it in the map: C:\Program Files\Raven\SOF PLATINUM\user ( If you don't have the Platinum version switch PLATINUM for the version you have.)

7. Save it on the name you want it. For example: GnVTest

8. Launch Soldier of Fortune and type in console: exec GnVTest(.cfg)

9. In the game you will have the name you made with elitefx.

Make Console:

1. Go to your shortcut of SoF. (if you don't have one you must make one)

2. Click on properties or eigenschappen.

3. Then you see a bar with the name of the shortcut in it. Type after that name +set console 1

4. Now you have console.

5. Launch SoF and if you push on the ~ button (next to the 1) the console appears.

Good Luck
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Tutorial Console + Colors Name(english)
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